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bleeding brakes on 1979 camaro having problems help please?

ok i just bought a 1979 camaro for 500 and the brake pedal goes all the way to the floor when i step on them and they dont realy work so i bled them and it worked but 30 mins later it goes back to the floor and i have to re bleed them again what is wrong with my car help please i dont see any brake fluid leaking so i dont know what it is


you still have air or a leak someplace ! check the master cylinder to see if it,s full then bleed the brakes again ! did you bleed the brakes the right way ? your suppose to start at the right rear, go to the left rear. then to the right front then the left front but keep checking the fluid as you bleed so the master cylinder don,t go dry !
May 28, 2018
Internal leak in master, leaking brake Hose, or leaking caliper seals. Use fresh DELCO brake fluid on this job, forget After market generic fluids. This will flush our bad debris and deposits in system. This was the factory fill and though I am not a fan of many delco products, their brake fluid is very good. Using the factory stuff preclude chemical reactions with other ester compounds found in your brake system. Your master require bleedin all of itself before the rest of the sytem will bleed correctly. Be sure the reservoir is clean as new before starting this job. Use chlorinated brake cleaner to wash out dirt from master. Use plastic tubing to bleed the master before installing the brake lines, or have someone hold the brakes to floor, and loosen the brake line fittings at the master to expell air trapped inside before it travels through system. COnsider buying a new master, but only if you are sure there is no air trapped inside it. There are master bleeding kits in may auto parts stores. GOOD Luck!!
May 28, 2018
feels like the two the front or rear rotors at the instant are not braking. one with the aid of one, take off the calipers. you will discover how easily they perform with the aid of having somebody gently step on the brakes. The piston could flow out. you will desire a disk brake gadget to push the piston decrease back in. you could discover one or 2 that are frozen. replace those calipers, do not difficulty to rebuild them. Calipers freeze because of the fact of moisture in the lines. So, a good bleeding of the lines is needed. If none are frozen, bleed the lines thoroughly besides. you have air or moisture in the lines.
May 28, 2018

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