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Brake problems with 1994 Nissan Pickup 2WD?

My truck brakes locked up last weekend, since then I have replaced the Calipers, and pads. It is still locking up on the driver side. Does anybody know what the problem could be or a web site that I could use to diagnose the problem? Here are the possibilities I have been told. The new caliper is bad; the brake line is deteriorating or kinked. I have checked that and I know it is not kinked; it could be deteriorating. I have been told it could be the boost cylinder or the master cylinder has gone bad. This truck has 247,000 + miles on it.


dirt in the brake system will cause this to happen,when the fluid gets contaminates in it, it causes the calipers to stick on it,this will cause the problem your having,i own a shop and i get one of these every week like this,some Chevy's,other different makes also,it don't mater what kind of vehicle it is,dirt will cause this to happen,you can completely flush the system out on it and maybe stop it from doing this,you could have also got a bad caliper,this happens a lot,because all of the replacements are rebuilt,and anything can go wrong with them,you,ll have to start by bleeding the system and see if that helps it,good luck with it.
May 28, 2018
If the lines to the caliper look like a rubber hose and I assume that it is then the hose part of the line has collapsed on the inside and clogged up. If you replace this hose it will fix the problem. Been there and done that.
May 28, 2018
become a dealer and set up accounts. KL have first time order of $5,000, other suppliers are about the same or more. Dealers have to make a profit to cover cost of stuff on the shelf until it sells. Its easy for even a small shop to have $200,000 sitting around in stock. Its only money (income) when they sell it
May 28, 2018
Gosh, tli. 2 little info. generally u will find a wealth of info in any mag and their related web sites, search the w's
May 28, 2018

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