brake problems?

Hi we have a 97 gmc sierra ext. cab with 160,000 miles and we are having to replace the brake pads every 6 months. We have replaced the rotor, caliper assembly, and of course pads. Its front end only and I cant figure it out whats happening. I thought it might be a brake hanging up but it doesnt smell like it. Please help!


The brake systems on those vehicles are garbage man, make sure your rear brakes are in adjustment and replace the front pads with bendix severe duty pads.
May 28, 2018
I agree with the previous answer though I would have worded it differently. Yeah the brake systems on those vehicles are not the greatest by any means, but being that the truck is over 10 years old have you looked at the brake hoses and brake lines? When the brake system gets up there in age and the truck is right around that age of when certain systems act up. One of the first is the brake system due to years of wear and tear. The first thing that I would check would be the hoses and lines because it could be that they started to deteriorate on the inside and could cause sort of a one-way path to the wheel causing the calipers to hang up and not a lot either. Just enough to run through brakes every 6 months but not enough to really notice it throughout driving ranges. I've seen it happen before. The next thing that comes to my mind is the brake fluid. Yes the brake fluid. If there are ANY and I mean ANYTHING in that braking system other than brake fluid the whole system is contaminated and the entire system has to be drained brake lines, hoses and calipers need to be replaced no matter of their condition. The reason is if there are any more traces of the contaminates in that system it will happen again. I hope this helps. Depending on how mechanically inclined you are this can be done at the home garage to save the pain of dealer or repair shop labor costs, but if its not something that you want to get into yourself or dont have the knowledge or tools I suggest taking it to a repair shop or a dealer to get this sort of work done. I hope this helps and I hope everything works out with it.
May 28, 2018
AS the last guy said those brakes are crap. But there is a repair for it. You don't say what size your truck is so this will be just general. If it's a 20 series Then put on a master cyl. from a 30 series and rear wheel cyls. from the 30 series. This will take care of the problem because these new parts are bigger. G M C won't cop to it but they should of been recalled in 97. This is the after market fix from Raybestes Brake Company.
May 28, 2018

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