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Brake system contaminated on Honda Civic lx 2 door auto?

I was just wondering what I needed it to replace on my 04 Civic LX my brake system is contaminated I was told it was the master cylinder and calipers what else do I need to replace if anyone can help I really appreciate it the front are calipers and the back are disc barkes


Just what has this person sees that make them think the system is contaminated? Please take a minute to remove the cover on the master cylinder and see if the fluid inside is dirty or clouded, I think you will see that it is clear and the mechanic is the dirty part of the brake system.
May 28, 2018
If caught soon enough, a flush is all that is required. Parts go bad from the point of contamination. So if the master was where is started with a new master might be required. Just went through this with a different Honda product. The master did require replacement, but it appears that flushing the lines got the problem solved with out additional parts. Contamination takes two forms by the way, one form eats up the seals and another eats up the metal parts. If the brake fluid turned corrosive then there is a good chance new brake lines might be needed too. The form of solvent (that attacks the seals) can attack the brake hoses at the wheel locations.
May 28, 2018
Change mechanics. Unless the calipers and master cylinder are damaged there isn't a need to change them because of contamination. Now what are they contaminated with, if he says they can't be flushed? BTW, disc brakes are the ones with calipers. So front has calipers and rear is disc, is erroneous, the rear might have drum brakes.
May 28, 2018

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