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Brakes failed on new car?

I just leased a new BMW. The brakes failed and I got into a car accident. I am afraid to take the car to BMW in that they may lie to me and tell me the car is fine. The brakes work now but not very well. Should I take the car to them or to someone else to get proof of a problem with the brakes.Also when they see the car, will I get in trouble for the damage then and there, being that it is leased?Thanks for the advice!


It is very very very unlikley that the brakes failed on a new BMW. Since 2001 they have implemented a feature that if there are any malfunctions within the braking system, when you hit the pedal, it will apply maximum braking force no matter what amount of pressure you put on the pedal. Also assuming this is a 2013 it is PACKED with advanced safety features, and the car would have known something was wrong long before the accident and would have audibly warned you. But even if all these systems did fail on the car which they didnt, BMW of course is going to find nothing wrong. Dont take it to someone else to have them inspect it, because your going to have to pay out of your pocket to diagnose a car that your basically renting. As far as the damage, you dont get in trouble by anyone, the dealer isnt going to tell the leasing company there is damage to the car. Get it fixed through your insurance and own up to your accident.
May 28, 2018
I would take the car to a mechanic and let them find out what is wrong with the brakes and if there is something wrong with the brakes then they can give you proof right there and then go to the BMW place and give them the piece of paper that they gave you for looking at the brakes they can lie to you then if you have proof in your hands
May 28, 2018
Brake fluid being low won't reason the topics you describe - by no ability use the storage back. you assert you're no longer an fool yet you seem to think of that is okay to no longer examine fluids for 5 months as you assumed they may well be high quality - your fool status ought to now be up for overview at the beginning for the belief and secondly for the inability of weekly assessments on your motor vehicle. that is definitely one of two issues - green drivers first time on slippery situations. I certainly have a valuable activities motor vehicle with ABS and if i do no longer force intently on icy or in basic terms slightly moist roads that is going to skid to a end with the ABS working like loopy. In chilly climate on ice or purely damp roads your braking performance is very decreased by making use of the inability of grip from the tyres. enable lots longer to end and accomplish that steadily. it would desire to be that the brakes choose for some artwork as there may well be some wiped out pads, shoes, discs and or drums. £50 gets you nowhere with that. would desire to be you have a seized calliper or 2. Take it to a Kwik greater healthful for a unfastened brake inspection - greater perfect to comprehend that that is shot and not force it in case you could no longer get it fastened through loss of money. in case you will run a motor vehicle you choose for the provision of a minimum of £500 to administration upkeep that would desire to crop up each time. My money remains on no longer something being incorrect with the brakes - purely the pedal pusher.
May 28, 2018

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