Breeding question?

Planning on going to look at a stud prospect tonight. What are some questions I need to be sure to ask? I have the payment arrangement already worked out, and my mare would stay on their propertyso that is one of the reasons I am going over there to check it all out**I am not a backyard breeder. I have a paint that I am wanting bred in order to add to our horse family. Not planning on selling the baby.ever. **The stud is a registered AQHA palominomy mare is a registered APHA black/white overogreat bloodlines.Any idea what she might throw as far as coloring? (her father is black white, mom sorrel)Have never bred before, but my father in law and husband have been through it many times and are going to be there every step of the way to helpdon't want any of you thinking that I am just doing this for fun or to make money Just would like an addition to our family before my mare gets too old..she is only 7 right now, but has never been bred.Thanks


I believe some people, conservatives mostly, feel that if they don't acknowledge issues, they will simply go away. They use the same distraction techniques. You ask them about Iraq (the lack of WMD's and other key issues), they go with the Well, Saddam was bad and should have been caught anyway story. I think the staunch Bush supporters don't really care what he and Cheney do. Speaking from personal experience and actual conversations, the conservatives I have spoken with don't really care about the untruths told by Bush and Cheney. It's more of a well, we won the election and there's nothing you can do about it you unpatriotic how-dare-you-question-the-President, you sleazeball liberal. I don't think they really care what this Administration does to be honest, I've gotten excuses from Well, he thought he was doing the right thing to It's Clinton's fault. Or a distraction move like You want to kill babies, attend gay weddings and let everyone live on welfare. It's politics. Some people will never admit they are wrong because they have convinced themselves to believe their own lies.
Yes. in fact I my cousin just did put one on her door. Her sisters boyfriend dosent think he has to knock before going into her room..
You bet! When I lived in a house with three roommates, I had one on my door. I would recommend hiding a spare key somewhere, however. :-) Installing the locking doorknob is not any more difficult than installing a regular indoor doorknob. You will need a screwdriver to complete the job. The instructions that come with the knob should walk you right though it. Good luck!

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