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Can you do a round throw rug with a round dinning room table?

Is that wierd? should i do a square rug and fill in more of the room instead?


Yes, you can do the roung rug, no problem. Do keep in mind that the rug must be big enough to do this comfortably. To determine what size of rug should you should place under a dining room table, measure the top of your table and add between 24 and 30 inches all around. This allows space for a person to get in and out of the chair and to move closer to the table or move back from the table and all the while the back legs of the chair are able to remain on the rug. It’s really a hassle if the dining room rug is not large enough and the back legs of a chair keep going over the edge of the rug. You might want to have people sit in the chairs and move back from the table as they normally would and then measure that distance to be sure what size of rug you should have for the dining room. Other furniture in the dining area, such as a china cabinet or serving table, should not be on the rug, only the dining table and chairs. Hope this helps...
Aug 23, 2017
I think that this would be fine - its repeating the round theme in another part of the room - tho I would not have the same colours but rather make them tone with each other say one patterned and the other plain etc
Aug 23, 2017
i would do the square
Aug 23, 2017

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