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Car brake judder, please help?

HelloMy brakes judder/vibrate at the front when I brake, though it only happens in cold weather when the temperature drops below freezing and its been quite minor.Today with the severe snow and ice on the road where I live it has been doing it all day and severely, its coming from the front and the whole car is shaking and its almost like a grinding noise too. (the pads aren‘t a problem)What is likely to be causing this problem?The car is a 1996 Honda accord 2 litre with abs if that makes a difference.Thanks for your help


ABS will make a rapid chattering sound and pulsating feeling in the brake pedal when this happens if you use less pressure on the pedal it will stop. It is also a warning to you that you are driving too fast and trying to stop too fast for conditions!
May 28, 2018
ABS problem.a wheel sensor is bad and telling computer ur in a skid so it pumps brakes.get a scan [free] most auto parts storesive replace several on my chevy at 125 parts/installation.finally pulled the fuse.my mottono ABS,,,no problem.i learned to drive before it was invented so i know how to stop.if ABS lite not on and you r on snow/ice.slow down.its trying to tell you to
May 28, 2018
Are the rims full of snow and ice?
May 28, 2018
Ride it around the block, without applying the front brake, and then check the rotor for excessive heat. If the pads are dragging they rotor will heat from the friction and you may need the caliper rebuilt with new seals. Not a very expensive proposition. Sometimes the fluid return hole in the caliper gets clogged and needs cleaned out. Spend the money. The front brake is where 75% of your stopping power is.
May 28, 2018
I in simple terms had the comparable issue with my rear brakes. It demands a re-build. That includes removing the brake pistons, and changing a pair of o-ring seals. in case you do it your self the entire value is under $50, based on what share seal are required. a sparkling caliper expenditures a pair hundred money.
May 28, 2018

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