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Changing brake pads car wont stop?

So I bought new brake pads for my 2001 Toyota solara and I already changed them I‘ve done it before to my 2004 Saturn Ion which worked perfectly. Here is where my problem is. My Toyota wont stop when I push the brake pedal! I bleed the old fluid from the brake and I refilled the brake fluid with new dot 3 fluid which is what it takes. I started my car and drove in my parkway and it barley stops the car when I push the brake it does stop but it takes a while. The break fluid container isn‘t full it‘s pretty low under the minimum, would that be the problem?


MISTAKE #1. When changing brake pads it is NEVER necessary to bleed the brakes. More than likely you may have a brake fluid leak somewhere IF you filled the master-cylinder reservoir to the top with Dot-3 brake fluid *between bleeding each caliper. Do one of two things: #1. Bleed the brakes on the following order: Right Rear, Left Rear, Right Front , Left front. Loop a clear two foot length of clear vinyl hose from the head of the bleeder valve up and over the coil spring so you can watch the bubbles till they vanish from each location. Bleeding brakes is a two man job. You must talk to each other! When the brake petal is pushed to the floor, the guy on the petal must say down so the guy doing the bleeding can twist the bleeder valve closed BEFORE the guy on the petal says UP!. Do it all over again till there are no bubbles in the hose. FILL THE MASTER CYLINDER RESERVOIR between bleeding each wheel! #2. Take the car to a Toyota Dealer and request that the brake fluid be CHANGED. Any 10 year old car's brake fluid is loaded with water. This is the exact reason calipers drag or freeze. *Any new car dealer will tell you the same thing! Moisture has been entering through your master-cylinder cover vent hole since the day it rolled off the assembly line. Why else does every auto parts store in town carry a boat load of rebuilt wheel cylinders and brake calipers?
May 28, 2018
Air in the system, don't over fill the master cylinder, if its kinda low its because you pushed the pedal, and make sure the caliper piston is not frozen o rusted, also use brake cleaners, just a suggestion.
May 28, 2018

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