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Circuit diagram CO detector.?

I need the circuit diagram of a CO detector - any brand.Does anyone know where to find the circuit diagram for a generic / typical carbon monoxide detector? It does not matter what brand, since I plan to buy a detector for which I have a diagram, in order to modify it.The idea is to find a way to change the frequency of the alarm sound, so it does not destroy our dog's sanity.Apparently, by law, the output sound has to meet certain specs. Thus any alarm I buy will sound pretty much the same. However, if I can find a circuit diagram I may be be able to modify the output frequency.Thanks.


Wear safety glasses and work gloves. Also wear a heavy shirt (as little exposed skin as possible) Be prepared to break some mirrors. Use a thin flat pry bar to pull off the mirrors. You may even have to break the first one to start. Use a razor to get the glue off. Some are on with double-stick tape. Any gouges in the wall can be Spackled over and painted. Yesewwtake them down!
If you find that it is not against code or the whole guilty thing (LOL) it will be fine. You just have to know which wire is the control wire that connects to the other units and leave that one alone. I have seen older houses that fed each unit from a different circuit but ran the (Low voltage) control wire to connect them and they worked fine. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying it's possible!

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