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cleaning fire extinguisher?

if i use a fire extinguisher as fake nitrous on a red wagon, and it just sprays as i go in the distance, will it leave any residue? like how would i need to clean it up? whats the easiest extinguisher to get to clean it up?


that depends on if its for your house or for a business/school/ or hospital if your just looking for one for your house, you can find them really anywhere. But if you are looking for special ones like the ones they have at restaurants for like grease fires or just for a school I would suggest a company that specializes in stuff like that. May I suggest Brothers Fire Protection? There professional fire technicians, they can help you find what you need. I hope I helped!
Metroid Other M Walkthrough
use the grappling thingy and pull off their armor. thats what you usally do with armored metroid enemies.

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