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College housing! Living in dorm or apartment?

I'm a college freshman trying to decide which housing option would be best for meThere're two types of on-campus housing at my college: traditional dorm (which is right on campus) and apartment (which is two blocks from school, bus comes every 15 min to pick up students from here)The cost doesn't matter hereHere are the pros and cons of each:On-campus dorm: pros: close to everything and it's easy to get to classescons: small, community bathroom, 4th floor with no elevatorOff-campus apartment:pros: has private bathroom, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, and a small living roomcons: 10 min away from school so I have to walk or take the school busBuses only operate until 6 pm so if I happen to have evening classes, I have to walk homeI don't mind walking but it'll be a hassle to get to class in the 10-degree weather.Please help me! I don't know which one to choose.If you were me, which one would you choose?


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