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Condensation drain in washer stand pipe?

Is there anything against running primary condensation drain piping into the the washer stand pipe with approved fittings in the International Code, any code?


Your insurance company is treating you fairly and according to the normal procedures. You bent a rim. They are replacing/paying for that rim. They have no responsibility to buy you all new rims. Unless you had bought special coverage for your aftermarket rims, they have no obligation to insure them. Your car came with OEM rims and that is all they are responsible for. As for the alignment problem..I know it isn't kosher but I'm not sure that an alignment couldn't somehow be done with 3 after market rims and 1 oem rim. I would speak to an alignment shop. A good shop with an innovative mechanic (not a puristclosed mind person) may be able to do it anyway.BUT.. after an alignment, I would not drive the car with dissimilar rims. It may not be safe to do so. Good luck
I do hope you kept the original rims when you pimped the car with your fancy rims. Now you know why none standard kit is an issue. You are lucky they are offering you any money as they could claim the rim which is not original failing was the cause of the accident and refuse to pay as it is not an approved fitment. Look in a scrap yard or on for original rims and just be glad that you got paid something.
If you hit a cow with lightning it will die or get really goofy because it's brain is destroyed. If you hit a robot with lightning it will die or get really goofy because its transistors get destroyed. see, same thing! If you want the real answer study Electronic Engineering for 3 years at COW PILEYoh wait that's Cal Poly. You may want to study it somewhere else because I have heard that Earth is Doomed but the person on the soap box may be a crackpot so do what you want.
I'll take this one to the alignment issue. Take it to someone that can work around not have matching tire diameters at each corner? Get serious. You have to have matching diameters at each corner in order to do a proper alignment. Kind of strange here as you didn't say anything about the studs getting sheared off as a result. What I would be looking at is if the wheels were the fault of that. There were wheels made that mounted with what are called K-lugs. These were outlawed due to failures. Personally your lucky your getting anything at all from the insurance company. You had that car insured, not the wheels. Making it whole again means putting as the factory made it, not for your pimping out. It came with stock wheels and that is all they are responsible for.
This is a common occurrence. The insurance company is required to place you in the same financial position you were in before the accident. By offering a different rim or cash, they are doing that. There was no damage to the 3 other rims, so they are not required to compensate you for that.

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