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Cost of replacing brake line system on Ford Taurus 99?

I have this 99 Ford Taurus. I have replaced many things but now, the brake line is starting to give me problems. It all started when I got the red brake line on the panel to go off. I checked the fluid and was low, so i topped it off. Checked again and the fluid was gone so I got the car checked. They said the have to replace the brake line system entirely which I think its a lot of work. Not too sure if it could just be a gasket or a small section of the line, but regardless they want to charge me $650!!! which is like a 3rd of what i paid for the car.Any suggestions or ideas? thanks.


my answer is go to auto repair shop then check it out.
May 28, 2018
at my shop we find exactly where the leak is, if its a steel brake line that has rusted through we will try to replace the whole steel line, but we never say you need all the lines unless they are all leaking (never happens) we charge about 100 per line depending on labor intensity. 650 is too much, go somewhere else.
May 28, 2018
Get a second opinion. I've never had to replace entire brake lines. Flex hoses maybe, but the entire system??
May 28, 2018

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