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Could my Water pump be weak?

I was curious about my water pump. I have heat if im at any speed over 10 mph Its Hot but at idol it lowers itself to warm and a little cooler depending on how cold it is outside. Its been going on this winter and last winter .In the summer the gauge never passes 1/2 and same this winter. If the pump isn't weak it means i just need to add some cardboard in front of the raidator ?


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The first thing that a firefighter learns is that a fire can only exists when three conditions are met: A combustible, oxygen and heat. (I am not a firefighter but I teach about fire fighting on board vessels). Remove one of the three and the fire stops. In the case of the water, we try to remove heat. As Shantha writes, even cooking water at 100 C, will cool down the fire to a point where it can't be sustained. Why water? Well, first it is readily available in many places, and often in large quantities but also, it is a fluid and it has a substantial mass. The way to cool down something is by adding something that gets very close (a fluid) and with a mass that can absorb heat. The only time water shall not be used to extinguish a fire is when oil is burning and that is because oil floats on water and water never gets a chance to cover the oil. In fact, using water on the top of oil will only spread the oil and the flames. A cook, for example, knows that a pan containing oil on fire must never be covered by water but by a fire blanket that is a standard piece of equipment in any professional kitchen and at sea! In that case, you remove oxygen, from the three elements.

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