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Curtain bar bracket how to install home improvement bedroom ceiling after the curtain rod plus bracket installation

What is the difference between a glass resin process and a transparent resin?


Glass resin process is a process, transparent resin is a class of resin. Glass resin process glass resin technology is resin and glass fiber as the main raw material through a reasonable process of curing into a product of a process! Like fiberglass ventilation ducts. Transparent resin transparent resin characteristics and uses: 1. Products with good mechanical properties, transparency and gloss, good shrinkage and other characteristics, suitable for the production of transparent handicrafts, resin toilet cover and other requirements of a wide variety of transparent casting products. 2. It is easy to operate in the middle of the product, insects can be placed in the middle of the product, dried flowers, shells, pictures, handicrafts 4. Can be added in the resin appropriate color fine, imitation glass, imitation jade, add agate powder Crystal gift, crystal gift, crystal trophy, crystal pen holder, crystal engraving, crystal car mold, crystal perfume, crystal gifts, crystal gifts, crystal gifts Bottles, crystal ashtrays, crystal vases, hotel supplies, crystal stationery business cards, crystal ball, crystal key ring, crystal animals, flowers and other transparent boutique. And the curing agent ratio is 0.5-2% accelerator 1 ‰ -3 ‰ safety matters: . the goods should be stored in a cool place, not sun exposure. And may not coexist with a reducing substance such as an alkaline substance or a metal accelerator. In particular, it should not be co-shipped with cobalt accelerator (blue water). . the goods should be avoided in the transport of high temperature and exposure, not squeeze, to prevent leakage. . this product accidentally splashed on the skin and eyes, the application of plenty of water or alkaline soapy water rinse, and then coated with Vaseline
There are hanging curtain rods used to hang directly from the cloth processing of the curtains, directly to the curtains to do a good job on the four hook hook up on the line
Curtain bar bracket first good size, and then play a good level, the installation height, up and down the two screws, fixed on the rod after the up, fixed screws on it, the bracket curtain rod is divided into a ring and no hanging ring method Spend the spirits of the dumplings

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