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How to buy flowers to spend more days to spend a few days

Year in the three emperors of the emperor crystal bought a pair of crystal vases, and now found a little dirty, do not know how to clean, who can tell about?


Find a vase, put some water, plug in the flowers, you can open a week or so it
in the water plus one thousandth of the preservation of liquid. each time the amount of water, so that the consumption of water metabolism, When the water change oblique cut the old incision, keep the mouth of the water absorption.
When lifting crystal items, do not cling to the top or extension of the crystal ornaments, should grasp the crystal base or the whole body Found that the collection of dust on the crystal, do not use feathers and brushes, and to soft and without the fabric of the hair whisk dust, do not force wipe, so as not to wear crystal , there are grease or fingerprints to stay on the crystal utensils, you can use the warm soapy water wash, and then rinse with water To avoid repeated cleaning in hot water or clean economy There are cut crystal ornaments, cut part of the toothbrush can be used to gently wash, if there is not easy to wash away the stains, you can cut some salt lemon, gently scrub You can also use a few drops of salt to remove the vinegar Such as in the storage of crystal vases, the previous Hu Ding Hong Kong Shibao calcium water attack on the shelves covered with mats, the crystal vase on the sealed glass cabinet or display box to reduce the crystal surface dust accumulation opportunities , Can also reduce the contact, to avoid damage , do not let the crystal crafts too close, or encounter one of them, the other will be due to domino effect and dumping To ensure that the cabinet is stable and reliable, easy to shake , if you want to store crystal crafts for a long time, do not use styrofoam or plastic bags Such bags will increase the temperature, damage to the crystal At the same time, do not put the crystal in the attic or cellar, so that they are exposed to the harsh environment

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