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Differences betweeen SD and SDHC card readers?

Do the USB interface readers for SDHC memory chips have to be internally or pin different from the USB readers for SD chips? I can only find one computer (among a whole slew of them) which seems to be able to read a 4Gb chip formatted with a new cell phone. The computer has it's own reader slot in the chassis. I've tried other readers, both integral to desktop chassis, printer chassis and hand-held readers which connect to a USB slot or cable. All the computer USB slots I've tried as interfaces have been USB 2.0, so the problem doesn't appear to lie with the USB interface.


It is as simple as if the manufacturer of the card reader has allowed for the SDHC standard or not. Nearly all still have not. and those that do still are not showing up in new computers. It has nothing to do with USB interface or anything else. The only way to be sure you are getting a reader that will support it is to buy one online that explicitly states that it will work with SDHC. At least now you can buy them. This winter I was trying to find one and could not. Edit: You're very welcome!
Is your chip SD or SDHC? If the card is an SDHC card, a SD reader will not be able to read it
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