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Disc brake and calipers for a go kart. Braking System?

Me and my friend are searching for a braking system to mount on our go kart. We want to do the disc brake system, but cannot find one online with all of the parts and everything. Can somebody give me a link to one that has all of the parts or has any suggestions/comments? 10 points for best answer, and thanks.


Use a sprint's braking system, or a ford fiestas, you can even use a fit's braking system. You will need to adjust the pressure by making mods to the master cylinder, but is the best I can think off that would be fairly inexpensive. As you can get the system from a junk yard. Do remember that you can use two rotors in the center of your drive to stop the go kart instead of using all four wheels. If you search online for go kart schematics you might find something similar, however they use kits that are the same thing I am telling you but cost an arm an a leg, and will require your go kart to meet the weight requirement, as for the ones from any vehicle be sure that each brake has the minimum potential to stop 3000lbs without modifications. GOOD LUCK.keep the invention alive.
Jun 26, 2018
ah yes i have a tomberlin crossfire 150 it has front and rear disc brakes very cool will get back with u next week on the name and address i use now, and phone number original people went out of business like all others last year got a nice new place even better, they have every brand for everything ihave their card and info at my shop
Jun 26, 2018

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