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Does air in the brakes of my car affect shifting?

I have been having trouble shifting out of park.I press on the brakes, lights come on and everything, but I can‘t seem to get it out of park and the brake pedal would get real stiff when I press on it. It used to happen once or twice a week, but now its happening every day. When I press on the brakes I hear a hissing sound which I know is a dead ringer for air in the brakes. Now, my question is this: Since I have air in my brakes, is that the reason why I‘m having trouble putting my car into gear OR could that possibly be a separate unrelated problem? Thanks so much.


If you had air in the hydraulic brake system you would not hear a hissing noise and the pedal would not be firm, it would have a soft and spongy feeling. What you are describing is a bad brake booster, the hissing noise is engine vacuum being lost somewhere that it shouldn't be. Most likely the rubber bladder inside the booster has failed and you need a new one. Your car also has what is called a shift interlock, which is just a fancy name for a solenoid that keeps you in park until the brake is pressed. There will be a switch located somewhere along the brake pedal that might just need a little adjusting or need to be replaced. It is that switch that sends the signal for the solenoid to allow you to shift out of park. Hope I made sense and was able to help.
May 28, 2018
As others have stated, the hissing sound is not at all a dead ringer for air in your brakes, it is a defective brake booster. It is not likely to affect the shift lock system which you are having trouble with. Most cars have a method to bypass the shift-lock system by depressing a generally hidden button by the shifter. The whole system is usually controlled by some brake switch that recognizes when the brake pedal is depressed. Look for some sort of switch that gets depressed at the pedal, see if it's knocked out of place or otherwise faulty If you can't attend to that, figure out how to deactivate the shift lock mechanism
May 28, 2018
A hissing sound when you step on your brakes is a defective brake booster, this should not have any effect of being not able to move the shift selector for the trans from one gear to another. You have a seperate problem.gl
May 28, 2018

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