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Electrical system for a golf cart?

My dad and I are replacing the engine in a golf cart with a bigger one from a snowmobile. The mechanics of the whole operation are taken care of, but we are not sure about the electrical system. the old engine used a starter generator to start and generate power for the lights and such, but the snowmobile engine has a standard starter motor and an alternator built in. We have no idea what kind of system it used for charging the battery. We have the regulator from the old engine and are wondering if we can use this. It is an old mechanical style one with three connections. D+, D-, and DF. Can we use a full wave bridge rectifier to convert the AC from the alternator into DC and then smooth it out with a capacitor and run that power into the old regulator? I‘m not sure how to connect the regulator as we accidentally removed it before taking note of how it was connected. Basically I want it to be able to run the carts lights and recharge the battery after starting.


These labels mean Dynamo +, Dynamo - and Dynamo field. The plus and minus are the auxiliary output just for the regulator if there is a B+ on the alternator. The field is fed from the regulator, and this is the smaller wire or connection usually. The link below shows the connections. The ignition/charge warning light is necessary to get the alternator started. The wire from B+ to the battery handles the full output current of the alternator. The regulator connections are all 10A automotive wire. The minus side of the battery is grounded at the engine body and this carries the full starter motor current. It is possible there is another ground connection for the lights etc. This goes to the battery negative. There must be a connection between the battery and the alternator frame that can carry the full alternator output. This may be the engine body through the starter motor ground. Some alternators have the regulator built in to the brush holders. The old mechanical regulator will only work if both are thesame voltage, like 12V. If in doubt you can always get an auto electrician to do it. Do the wiring as you think and get them to fix it, so the labour is less.

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