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Equilibrium of tensions problem?

Two cranes are lifting an object that weighs 18,278 lbThe figure shows the two cranes holding the object in the airIf you imagine the box's top is a line parallel to the ground, the left crane's wire forms a 22.3 degree angle with this lineThe crane on the right forms a 41.5 degree angle with the lineFind the tensions T1 and T2My answer is T1 1.525E4 and T2 3.021E3, if you have a different answer please explain.


18278 lb 8308.2 kg mg 8308.2 x 9.8 81420.36 N left T1 22.3 right T2 41.5 T1 81420.36/(sin(22.3) + (cos(22.3)/cos(41.5)) x sin(41.5)) 67962.86 N 6.796E4 T2 67962.86 x (cos(22.3)/cos(41.5)) 83956.76 N 8.396E4 The above is taking the angles from horizontal.

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