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Full face helmet on a harley davidson?

I'm going to be getting my first bike soon (a harley soft-tail). I know a lot of Harley riders wear helmets that don't cover the face but being new to riding I'd rather not tear my face off on the pavement if I wreck. I like the more common Harley helmets but should I just get a full face helmet until I have more experience?


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Some sports cars suspension can be raised at lower speeds to do just that. But I'm not sure if the z06 or any corvette has that ability. If I'm driving a low-slung car, I just slowly go over at an angle.
my c5 goes over fine if i'm careful,plastic air dam scrapes sometimesthere are a couple heavy duty skid shaped plates on the front frame to protect from high bumps hitting body.not very big,but they will keep a high curb hitting the front body parts when you park nose in

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