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gun nuts n freaks, Why has'nt the .357 magnum shown up ?

in a machine gun? fully auto? just curious, its my favorite, not too big ban not to small with loads of power.


evaporated milk is heavier and more fattening but yes, you can use itIt will makeyour recipes richer.
I watch Tammy all the time! She is notorious for putting little facts like these in her description box! If you went a bit farther down you would have read, You can't use sweetened condensed milkSome people have told me in the comments that regular milk does work and others have said that it doesn't Regular milk may be too thin for this recipe, a substitute for this might be heavy cream, but I've never tried itIf you can't find evaporated milk, you are probably better off looking for another fudge recipe, there are many out there, some of which are more than likely in the related videos on the right of your screenI would find another recipe for fudge without using the evaporated milk like recommended or risk using the regular milkI wouldn't take the chance myself though Do you have sweetened condensed milk? She has a recipe for double decker fudge on her channel, you can leave the top layer off or change the flavor to raspberry or cherry and color it pink for valentines day!
As been said before, the .357 magnum design is not really optimal for an autoloader, though some companies have/do make it (like Desert Eagle)The .357 sig was designed to replicate the ballistics of the magnum in a more friendly autoloader design Why no .357 mag in a machine gun? Why? If you are talking a real machine gun like an UZI (9mm) or Thompson Submachine gun (.45) the .357 packs alot more recoilTrue Machine Guns are handgun calibers that shoot out alot of bullets but do not go a long range, or have much punch at battlefield distancesThe Assualt Rifle was designed to bridge the gap providing the firepower of a machine gun with the power of a rifle cartridgeIf you are talking about Assault Rifles the rifle cartridges like the .223 in an AR or the 7.62x39 in the AK are much more powerful than the .357 mag round or any HANDGUN roundThe muzzle velocity of a .357 is about 1800 fpsAn AR has a muzzle velocity of 3200 fpsAn AK has a muzzle velocity of around 2400fpsThe .357 would just be too weak for an assault rifle round, and too powerful for a machine gun round.

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