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Health safety and fire extinguisher issues?? Help!?

Today we had a small fire in our house, really small no need to call 911. Anyways, we used a fire extinguisher. It was one of the red ones that has the dry powder in it. Anyways, we didn't spray it at anyone but afterwards some of the particles floated around and went up my dad's nose and as we were cleaning it up we ended up getting very few in our mouth. Not like we wanted it up our noses and in our mouths, but they just floated and that's where they landed. Is there any major issues with this seeing it was very, very, very, very little that was in our mouths, but not a bunch but more than enough went up his nose. Any health risks or anything? SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY NO IMMATURES ONES!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


with the lightning at my place it wouldnt need to be very long at all. do you think standing in the kiddie pool would assist? better watch those swings i guess. ..sometimes theres kids on them and i still have to push.
You have a higher chance than if you're just standing around, so don't try it, you COULD get hit by lightning.
i don't real no but i can tell u this that lightning aims for the highest point..so go to the highest building you can find and stand on the top with the rod and then i think that the odds will be 86% that you will get hit with lightning
Just a couple of quick bursts from a fire extinguisher nozzle whenever it is burning should cool it off nicely.
One long enough that when held up is the highest thing in the area.

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