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High performance tires/full brake systems on a 96 Z28?

I‘m looking to upgrade my braking system and get new high performance tires. I have a 1996 Z28 Camaro. Does it get much better then Brembo Brakes and Hankook Tires? Suggestions would be great.


The breaking question is simple. Surface area and clamping force is the key factors in friction the size of the dispersion surface aka: rotor and pad force. The faster the speed of the exchange of heat for momentum generated the better you stop. Tires are in the same category but must work with the brakes and driver this is why you are wise to ask. Will you find your self on a road race or on a track? or just want a kick *** street car? the two do not mix tires are designed to run on the surface and at the speed you drive. If you have money to spare and love changing tires go with the z rated they can handle 150+ but only last 10k or less. other than that choose a tread and compound that matches your area aka: snow, rain, rock roads, pavement and so on. The DOT rates tires and its found in the code or numbers so brand will not make a difference too much. They are all rated just pay attention.
What is your goal for the car? Brembo stuff is decent, so is the Baer and Wilwood stuff if you NEED the stopping power. Hankooks aren't really performance tires IMO. They're good for the $$ but if you're talking real performance tires we're talking Michelin Pilot Sports, a few of the Nitto tires out there, etc.
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