how air brakes work?

I am a company driver and the airdryer system on the company tractor has been bypassed, my question is Compressed air - almost always used for brakes. Always needs drying after compression to avoid moisture from condensation getting into valves with this system bypassed does it cause a safety issue on brake failer?


No matter what the reason for the BYpass,,,it is illegal,,the brake system has been compromised. While it will not cause the system to fail by itself,,,it's job is pretty self evident, and it is part of the brake system for a good reason. If you dont want to make trouble for yourself,,,,anonymously call your local heavy vehicle inspector and report the company. they will investigate and it wont lead back to you.
May 28, 2018
Disc brakes have extra suited scuffling with ability than drum brakes. on a similar time as the two have confidence in friction, disc brake pads chew on the two the interior and outdoors of the rotor, as a effect using extra effective clamping rigidity; drum brakes count number extra on dragging the footwear against the drums. Air brakes may be suited in a vehicle, yet no producer promises them because of the extreme fee. An air compressor, reservoir, and air dryer might all could desire to be put in, vs a grasp cylinder for a hydraulic brakes. those factors upload an surprising volume of weight, as a effect reducing gasoline milage. In a truck, milage isn't that extensive a topic whilst in comparison with the extra effective scuffling with ability of air brakes.
May 28, 2018

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