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How do brakes just go out on you with no hints such as squeaking ?

I took my family out to movies left and as i went to brake my brake went to the floor so i pull n park whil having to use my e brake to completly stop n park then i checked brake fluid and there was some i added more and notice its not filling up n disapearing her i look under i notice i have a leak what could have went wrong just got ne w brakes a mth ago??


New brakes does not mean new brake system. Your brakes are fine. The system with which they work needs repair. What can cause failure? Age, weather, damage from projectiles like rocks, being intentionally damaged by sabotage, chemicals from the road or being accidentally spilled, manufacturing faults, and who knows what else? Unless they were intentionally damaged, or unless you drive in high risk situations where your brake system is at risk, fix the problem and do not worry about it further. Personally, I would figure that the number of tires you go through would be of more concern if it is an environmental issue.
May 28, 2018
You had a brake line rupture. This has nothing to do with the condition of the pads and rotors. I find it weird because everytime I do a brake job, I look over the lines and check their condition. If they are really rusted or the brake hose looks deteriorated, I just go ahead and replace it before the problem you just had happens. The shop should have done the same thing I think.
May 28, 2018
Brake hydraulics can fail without warning. On all cars 1968-on there is a brake light that should come on on the dash when the brake pressure has failed in the system or fluid level is very low. DO NOT drive your car until you get the brakes fixed correctly.
May 28, 2018

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