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How do I change front brake pads on a 03 4Runner?

Howdy, I have never done this before, but for what the dealership quoted me, I think I will try to do it myself! I have an 03‘ 4Runner that Im trying to change the front brakes on. The only thing thing that scares me is the ABS system. I‘m worried I may damage it some how.


25% is a meaningless figure , all car makers specify a minimum thickness of pad allowable before change, NEVER resurface rotors on a car with ABS a mechanic in a workshop cannot get the tolerances right and even traffic going past will cause enough ground vibration to make the grinding machine shake, a machine shop near here recently had to dig out its workshop floor and insert giant hard rubber pads to mount its machines on after it had numerous complaints , it was found that a nearby trucking company's trucks (18 wheelers) were shaking the ground so much the grinders lost their accuracy, $220 would be a more than fair price for the job, you only flush brake fluid with more brake fluid and that should be done every 4 years or so, you can do it yourself with home kits that flush new fluid through the system using the pressure from the spare tire
May 28, 2018
it's a four wheel drive then you'll need to use a Allen wrench or metric wrench to get the discs off if it 's a stander ed you'll need big screw driver needle nose pliers and a reg.pair of pliers.
May 28, 2018
as long as it's a good quality ceramic it's all good. The thicker your hair is the better qualityaka more expensive on that you need
May 28, 2018
It depends on if your hair is curly, frizzy, striaght, ect.
May 28, 2018
cermaic and conair infiniti is the best
May 28, 2018

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