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how do I cut a brake line that is on my car.?

I have to replace a rusty piece of brake line but I am saving some of the steel line that isnt rusty but I have to cut that piece out while its attached to the car. How do I do that?


Mini tubing cutter. Also keep in mind brake system lines must be double flared, not just a std single flare. Your $10 hardware store laring kit will not do a double flare. You make a std. single flare on line, then drop adapter in, and flare it again. The adapter folds the flare over on its self making a leak proof double flare.
May 28, 2018
Go to an auto salvage yard get a COMPLETE brake line instead of taking a chance of repairing your old one. The life you save might be mine! This is NOT just a simple cutting flaring job. It is on the line that helps stop your car! It HAS to be a double flare. Just think what would happen if you get in an accident a lawyer found out that YOU repaired your own brake line while not knowing all the process (after all you did ask the question here on a public forum). Hard to believe I got 3 thumbs down while trying to help you save lives. What is wrong with those people?
May 28, 2018
as well as a mini cutter you will have to flare the ends. A bit dicey mucking about with brake lines if you are unsure about the job.
May 28, 2018

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