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How do I deal with a two-faced co-worker?

I have a co-worker who makes me miserableShe is constantly complaining and talking bad about other peopleShe will come up to me and tell me how she can't stand someone and then ten minutes later she be talking to them like she is their best friendI know she has stuck many knives in my backSome days she will be overly friendly to me and some days she won't speak to me at all and gives me hateful looksShe talks non-stop and is very loud so I can't get away from it Not only this but she copies everything I doI bought a house,she bought a house in the same neighborhoodShe saw my car,she bought one just like itI went to Cancun, she went to Cancun a month later, a guy took my purse in the mall parking lot, she came to work the next day and said the same thing happened to herThe list goes on and onI can't go to the supervisor because she is in good with him, although she talks about him behind his backI just try to do my work and be positive but she still gets to meHow do I deal with a person like this?


This coworker has little, or no self-esteem or confidence, with some kind of paranoia(sp) added in and no life outside the workplaceI worked with someone exactly like her-backstabbed, connived, bad attitude, obnoxious, cursed coworkers and the public out, and generally created a hostile environment Too bad she even bought a house in your naib - not only do you have the bad luck of working with her, she now lives nearbyMy workplace was so toxic that when it was time to swipe out, I didn't even get into the same elevator with my coworker-I took the stairsSometimes we'd meet up in the lobby and I'd just keep on going like I didn't see herThere's one, or two or a few in every office-I also call them Opportunists: they get in good with, and suck up to, the supervisor, figuring they can get away with any and everything-and they usually doWhat they don't get is that same supervisor could one day decide they've had enough of her attitude, chew her up and spit her out (not to sound gross)Or management could change, company could close down/merge, etcNo job's forever or secureSuggestion: Ignore herI know it may be easier said than done, but don't let her get to youIf you're allowed, play a radio, but keep it so low that only you can hear itThat may 'ease the pain' of her obnoxiousnessAlso, if you haven't done so, create a life outside the workplaceLooking forward to what you'll do after work/weekends will give you that edgeDon't tell her anything about your personal life, respond as little as possible when she speaks to you, and when she doesn't - no problemI did all of the above and it workedYou don't have to respond to her-she doesn't sign your checks, your boss (or HR) doesGood luck.

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