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How do I flush my brake system?

I have a ‘78 Chevy Scottsdale and I need to flush the brake system and put new fluid in. I‘m a smart girl but short on money so I‘m trying to avoid going to a mechanic at all costs. If you could explain in amateur terms (not idiotic terms, just not something too complicated) I‘m sure I could figure it out.


StawberryMy first question to you isWhy do you need to flush the brake system?If you put some type of oil in the system you WILL have to replace ALL master cyl rubbers and wheel cyl seals. To flus the system fill master cyl and open one bleeder valve at the wheel cyl at a time and have some one push the pedal down, then tighten bleeder while pedal is down, to stop air from getting back in.Do this to all 4 wheels and fill master cyl. Use the proper brake fluid!!
May 28, 2018
open all the bleeders, drain the fluid. then refill the master cylinder with fresh. keep the master cylinder filled with new fluid could take awile. usually the system will pretty much bleed itself, as the fluid gets to each wheel, close the bleed valve when fluid reaches all wheels, have somebody help pump brakes and bleed.
May 28, 2018
get a friend to help you like you're bleeding air out of the brakes and do each one while adding clean fluid to master cylinder. do it until clean fluid comes out at each bleeder.
May 28, 2018

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