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How do I get my micro SD card reader to work?

I have a Acer laptop about 5 years old and the card reader just suddenly stopped working. Is there a way for me to fix this or should I just get a adapter so I can plug it into a USB port?


I got an adapter for like $5 :) it works a little better! l
Yeah you must buy a usb card reader to read your card. HOPE this helped
Thank for sharing such strategies, in reality, I additionally suffered from one in all those subject. yet, together as finding on cyber web, I chanced on Remo get better application get better by hazard formatted Micro SD card of length 2 GB, 4GB, and so on. on Blackberry 9780.
this may be a software problem so go into acer website or make a search in the internet to get the definition drive of ur card reader . when u get it as zip - I guess- extract it and double click the extracted file to reinstall the drive .so ur card reader may works again . if any ather question tell me ,i can help u more . good luck .

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