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How do I keep my room cool?

I moved into a new place in the fall and my room is on the second floorNow that it's starting to heat up, I'm realizing that the a/c that's installed is inadequateAll I have is my computer running (~500W), my minifridge (~100W) and myself (~100W)I figured that the a/c would take care of that easily, but it's been going full blast for 12 hours (overnight), and it's still 80 degrees inside (the temperature outside is 70 and rising fast)I do have two east-facing windows, and so I think the sun is warming up the room in the morningI keep the blinds drawn, but it's still really warm! I'd like it to be about 70 in here- any ideas?


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Use shades for all windows getting direct sunOpen the windows whenever it is cooler outside than insideNone of your appliances is generating a huge amount of heat, so I would seriously question that the A/C unit is working properlySmall window fans can help as wellAs you're on the second floor, don't forget to check on the attic insulation above your roofIt can readily pass the attic heat through into your room if poorly insulated.

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