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How do I keep the resin from my pine tree from eating the paint off my car?

My Crown Victoria had a beautiful paint job when I got it. One day it had a small spot on the hood which lead to the entire car being eaten alive. I live near a chemical plant which I thought had done this. The man at the paint shop said it was the resin off the pine tree. My Honda has a sealer on it that protects it. I'm getting another vehicle from my daughter soon. Does anyone know what I can do to prevent this from happening again? Please don't say to cut the tree because I can't afford to do that. I called two paint shops today and one said they could put something on it and the other place said there was nothing you could do. Thank you for anyone that can give me a home remedy.


RE: How to cut galvanized tin siding? I know about tin snips but could I use a jigsaw with a blade for metal? I only have about 5 sheets to cut and around a window for an outbuilding.
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Snow tires? You mean studded? You gotta make and model on that Tyrolean tire?
Where in the world did you find such an animal? In 25 years of riding in ALL weather (including blizzard) I have never seen any good cold weather tires - let alone ANY rated for SNOW. All the motorcycle road tires I have seen are designed for warmer weather. Most ice tires are plain regular tires with studs or spikes added. (I have run screws in my rear tire during some years)

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