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am I allowed to use this charger? (different mA)?

I have a blackberry curve 8900 that has a 5V 700 mA charger. (mico-usb).I bought a blackberry visor mount speakerphone that came with a 5V 500mA car charger. (also micro-usb)I want to charge the speakerphone at home. Also, on the speakerphone, it says the rated input is 5V 500mA.Am I allowed to charge the 5V 500mA speaker on my 5V 700mA wall charger?And vise-versa, can I charge my 5V 700mA rated phone on the 5V 500mA car charger? Thanks! As detailed as possible!


You can always use the 700 mA charger for both the 8900 and the speakerphone. Each device will only take the amount of current it needs -- it's not like the 700 mA charger forces 700 mA into the device. But, if the 8900 *needs* more than 500 mA, then you can't use the 500 mA charger or it will heat up and possibly burn out, and possibly damage the 8900. I don't know exactly how much current the 8900 needs, so I can't say if it is OK to use the 500 mA charger. It's better not to risk it. A lot of times the manufacturer will specify a charger that has more a lot capacity than needed so, it's probably OK to use either charger for either device, but I wouldn't risk it. You could try an experiment -- charge the 8900 with the 500mA charger and feel how hot the charger gets in the first 2 minutes. If it gets too hot to handle, then it won't work. bottom line: 700mA charger for both 500mA charger only for the speakerphone. .

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