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how do i know if my 1997 VS commodore is IRS or live axle.?

just want to be able to tell which it is. it says radial tuned suspension on the dash, but i don't know if that's the same thing. cheers


it's a live axle, based off the GM platform. i might be wrong. but do a burnout, and if both tires spin, bam. live axle
May 28, 2018
The question you are asking deals with how the axle is attached to the vehicle, and NOT whether both left and right drive axles are able to apply driving force simultaneously. This is the function of the differential in your car, all modern cars have a differential in some shape or form. A live axle vehicle has its driving axle suspended by springs (coil, leaf, etc) which are in turn mounted to the vehicles body or frame. The entire axle moves with suspension travel, hence it is 'live' In an IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) the differential is mounted solidly to either the car's body or frame, it does not move with suspension travel at all. Axles (sometimes called half-shafts) sprout out from this unit to drive each wheel. The wheel carrier in this setup is sprung to the car's frame or body. Each half-shaft uses special joints to allow up and down movement of the shaft. The mere thought of 'peeling out' and both tires leaving burnt rubber on the pavement is a function of the differential, it is either locking or not. It is entirely possible for either a live axle setup or IRS to use either type of differential
May 28, 2018

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