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how do i make a fiberglass mask?

i want to make a fiberglass helmet (kinda like a power ranger full head helmet but no where near as lame lol) iv been looking for ages for help on howto use fiberglass what materials and how to use them but while people talk about it they give very little help on how to actually do it so if anyone has a walkthru or a guid on how to fiberglass a mask from scratch i would be in their dept as im a noob at it and need as much help as possible thnx :D


Make a clay or plaster base to sculpt the fibreglass over. DO NOT cast it onto your face! Fibreglass resin heats up when curing, would burn you, the fumes would knock you out and good chance you would die. Make a base for the mask by molding if from clay, letting that dry, then seal it with a few coats of paint (spray paint is good) The base won't last forever not being fired, but would be fine for the fibreglass casting. The paint will help keep it from sticking. You can also make a plaster form too- just make a reverse mold in the clay then fill with plaster, and when the plaster is dry peel off the clay. Then again, cast the fibreglass over that. The fibreglass directions will depend on the brand. You usually have to mix 2 liquids together, then use pieces of fibreglass woven fabric to give support, alternating layers of the resin and embedding the fabric into it.

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