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How do i turn off the safety for my navigation system on my scion tc?

I wasnt sure on how to phrase the question. In my tC, i have a navigation system with the touchscreen head unit. when the car is in motion, i am unable to press anything on the touchscreen. im pretty sure thats a safety feature. i want to be able to change my destinations and such as well as look through my ipod as i am driving. despite how unsafe it may be, id still like to know how to change it. anyone know how to turn off this safety?


In case of fire emergency the child can and should pull the alarm IF it is close to where he is at. Then he should immediately exit the building and call 911. He may tell the operator that he did pull the alarm. That act may very well save lives. If there was a real fire he would not get in trouble. I don't ever remember seeing an Adult Only on a fire alarm box. However If he pranks and pulls an alarm you and his Dad may be hit with 'false alarm costs' and that maybe a lot of money. So impress on him that IF he ever wants an allowance he will not prank and pull a fire alarm when there is no fire because it will cost you a lot of money.
there are two types of smoke detectors Photoelectric Detectors and Ionization Detectors. basically photoelectric detectors work like this: inside the smoke detector there is a low power lazier and a sensor. the lazier beam dosnt make contact with the sensor under normal conditions but when smoke get inside of the detector and causes the lazier to fragment and it makes contact with the sensor, thus setting the alarm off. Ionization Detectors have an extremely small amount of radioactive material in them that when hooked up to a battery and two metal plates (the plates have space between them and the batterys positive current goes to one end while the negative goes to the other) causes the air to ionize creating a sort of weak magnetic field. when smoke gets into the detector it disrupts the magnetic field causing the alarm to go off. Ionization Detectors are the more common type of house held smoke detector. we know that smoke (a gas) will conform to the shape of its container ie. your room. and we know that there has to be enough smoke to disrupt the magnetic field or the lazier beam. what im trying to say is you should be ok to smoke a bowl in your room, maybe open a window, though i dont think you need to sit at it so long as there is some air flow. i do not recommend hot boxing your room while the smoke detector has a battery in it.

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