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How do you keep a wool rug clean?

I just bought a really nice wool rug and am now scared if anything ever happens to it, how to clean. Can I treat it like normal carpet and just use rug cleaner? Soap/water?


I wouldn't clean it like a normal carpet. Certainly do not steam clean it or use soap and water. There is a dry carpet cleaning method called Capture. You can usually find it at the supermarket near the other rug cleaning products, or at a DIY home improvement store like Lowe's or Home Depot. It comes in a kit. You sprinkle the stuff on the carpet -- its sort of semi-damp and clumpy -- then use the brush that comes with the kit to rub the stuff into the stain or the entire rug. Let it sit for a bit, then vacuum up the residue. I have used this on my wool area rugs in the past and it works great.

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