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How do you remove fabric dye from carpet?

i spilled 4 little dots of black fabric dye..is there a way to clean it with out messing up the carpet.


Unfortunately, the dye is permanent. Your best bet is a Carpet Transplant: Cut the stained area out using a razor knife. Be careful to cut only the carpet, not the padding under it. Cut a piece of replacement carpet from a place no one will ever notice, like from inside a closet. Put the ruined carpet piece on a piece of paper and trace around it. This will be your template. Cut this out and use it as a pattern for the new piece. You want an exact match in shape. Glue the replacement piece of carpet in place using waterproof glue. Attach it to the padding underneath. Or you can sew it into place by sewing it to the existing carpet. (You will need a curved needle if you sew it in place.) The repair should be invisible when you're done. -
Your only option is to clip those fiber. Dye is permanent

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