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How do you ride a motorcycle?

I want to learn to ride a motorcycle. I never been on a motorcycle before and want to learn how to ride one.Can anyone explain how to go. I wanna know how you work the clutch and the gears and How to brake and is there down shifting like a manual car. how do you do to slow down to turn a corner and a complete stop. Please explain step by step.PLEASE Thanks


The Nickel is ferromagnetic at high temperature but is not magnetic at low temperature.
Yes, Nickel is another metal that has strong magnetism besides Iron. Nevertheless, Iron is by far the strongest. I think, that those are the only two metals that has strong magnetism. Copper, gold, silver, lead, Zinc, aluminum are not magnetic. So, your friend is wrong. You can do it yourself, Ni is a common metal, you can buy it pure. If you put a magnet close to it, it will be attracted the same way iron does, just less strongly.
Clutch is on the right side of handle bar.Brake is on the left. Foot brake is on right side of bike.Gears are on the left. How the gears usually work is 1 up and 5 down.You start the bike in neutral.You know the bike is in neutral when the wheels and move freely when you push it.You pull in the clutch, then click it in to first gear by clicking it up once.Slowly let go of the clutch while giving the motorcycle a little bit of gas.You know when to shift by listening to the bikes rpms,like a car.from first gear pull in the clutch again let go of throttle.shift down once to go into second.let of clutch while giving it throttle.same thing until you get to fifth gear.If you can drive a standard car then you can drive a motorcycle. good luck
yes it is attracted weakly by a magnet so it is a magnetic metal.

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