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How Long Until Dog Passes Aluminum?

Two days ago, my cocker spaniel ate most of a small aluminum bread pan--the disposable kind you can buy in the supermarket. The pieces I picked up when I discovered what he'd done were sharp, so I called the vet (right before closing), who recommended just keeping an eye on him for nausea, diarrhea, etc. The next morning I brought the dog and he showed no discomfort, but the vet put him on an antibiotic (esp. for gastric problems) just in case. It's been 48 hours, and the dog's still happy and eating and drinking, and when we go for a walk, his poo is fine (yep; I examine it!) ... if he's passed the aluminum, it must have been in the back yard when he was out on his own, and not on a walk. However, I'm still very anxious. At what point can I draw a sigh of relief? Thank you!


my dog ( a 90 lb weimeraner ) has eaten alot of foil....I think he likes it ....dont worry. Of course consult your vet if you think anything is wrong. If he's eating ( and esp. drinking ) I'd say he's ok. They are amazing animals.
Aluminum will pass just like food. It will empty from the stomach and go through the digestive tract. Hopefully he chewed up the pieces so that they are small and are at no risk of cutting his intestines or bowels. But if he is not yet showing discomfort, all should be well. You made the smart choice and called the vet, and if they do not seem too worried you shouldn't be either unless your pooch begins acting differently or seems to be in discomfort.

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