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How many front axles for a 1988 Honda Accord AT?

Hi, trying to replace the axles on my girlfriend‘s 1988 Honda Accord. Front axle clicking badly on turns. Kragen-Oreilly auto parts store has told me we might only need 1 axle, so I‘d like to clarify before purchasing. Also, are there any experienced Honda mechanics out there that can rate this 1-5 difficulty for a DIY project?


there are 2 half axles for your 88 accord. But if the clicking is only on one side you only need to replace that half axle. Its a real easy job You jack the car up and put it on stands take the wheel off remove the cotter pin on the axle/castle nut break the castle nut in the very center then you have to unbolt a wish bone looking thing to get the axle out on the tranny side, just pull on it, its held in place by a clip then put the new axle in reverse the dismantling process I'd say its about a 2 if 5 was swapping and engine and 1 is rotating tires/changing oil Just read up in the internet theres this one guy on youtube ErictheCarGuy that did work on an accord that is a gen later than yours, but the theory is pretty much the same.
May 28, 2018

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