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How to fix the ABS braking system?

I have a ‘94 honda prelude, recently the ABS brake light is on. can i fix or do i have 2 bring it 2 the dealer. If i can do it (DIY), where is the ABS system located in the car?


Around each wheel is a sensor ring and a round piece of metal with a single wire coming out of it. you can look under the car inside the wheel and by the brake rotor you'll see the sensor. On the rear of the car, it's the same. Look to see if you hit some debris and ripped out a wire or it collected dirt or something. Look to see if the ring is broken too. Check your fluid level too. If you have rear drum brakes, get into an empty parking lot go approx: 20 MPH backwards and hit the brakes hard about two or three times to adjust your rear brakes. If you have a spongy pedal, see if your hub bearings are gone out. It could be a number of things, but it's a start. Good luck.
May 28, 2018
first of all what style of vehicle is it? Th maximum ordinary reason for untimely ABS aplication is a fault in between the wheel sensors. ABS reluctor ring cracking is likewise an uncomplicated fault. The reluctor ring is placed on each and every wheel and is a hoop with tooth in it. you ought to take it to a qualified mechanic to have the equipment clinically determined properly. Guessing will value so plenty greater suitable than paying somebody to grant you the final prognosis.
May 28, 2018
bikes don't usually have linked brakes there 2 separated pieces of equipment. How ever if you have only 1 master cylinder for 2 brakes and it failed then neither brake would work. Read our own question again as it is a bit ambiguous!
May 28, 2018
Most bikes still have separate brake systems but a few of the upscale models are integrated. To slow or stop, use the KILL switch next to the throttle, the engine dies, downshift 1 gear at a time and coast to a stop. Not real quick but it does work
May 28, 2018

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