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How to lock certain parts of your ipod touch ?

Hey I'm wondering if there's a way to lock certain parts of your iPod ? Like pictures or the reminders app or any other apps . Is there a way ? Because I've been hearing that they're are apps that could be used to lock stuff. What are some. ?Thanks : )


No. Natural gas or LP gas is not CO2. If you happen to mean Carbon Monoxide alarm, CO, same case. (CO is the typical alarm type in residential applications) CO is odorless and very toxic to us. Natural gas LP has an odor added to it ( for detection by our noses). It has to be in the range 2.15% to 9.60% LP mixed to air to be explosive. Anything less or anything more, and it is not . (One of the properties that makes it desirable as an engergy source for our use) It is also 1.52 the weight of air, so gravity keeps it low. It would need an ignition source of 154 F. Most likely explosion range mixtures would be very shortly after a leak started and would exceed the max % range fairly shortly after that - so a small window for potential explosion. Main signs of leakage is the Smell of the commercial additive. Verifying the leak with soap/water mixture on the pipe lines to locate the leak with bubbles showing. There are also LP Gas Detector alarms available.
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