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How to make custom bike brakes?

Ok on my bike it has front and back brakesall the wires got cut somehow and none of them workthe front brakes are missing and the back brakes are still therei need a safe braking system what can i do?i dont want to buy a new bike because this bike is soo nice and i love ithow can i make custom brakes or turn this freewheel bike into pedal brake bikeplease help me


Buy new brake lines and new brakes. Most any shop and some walmart will have the stuff. Buy new grips and replace them, or use soap and water to get the old grips off and put them back on. The only safe way is to buy new brake lines. The only safe way to replace a missing brake is to buy a new one. If you plan on racing, than you don't need a front brake. If your into freestyle or ramps or other crap than you will need both. The other option is to buy a back rim that is made for braking when pushed back. Do they still Make those? LOL! The cost is about the same. Either way you have to spend a bit to be safe on the track or road.
May 28, 2018
Every time you release the throttle you are engine braking anyways whether you think so or not If you are braking from any decent kind of speed I don't see how you would only use one or the other ? Unless you are thinking about pulling in then clutch and using brakes only which is not stable and not safe, using the torque of the engine is a must for safe stable riding
May 28, 2018
A combination of both is the area where you have the engine in the proper gear for the speed being travelled while not slowing the bike in a gear where your possible need for power has been diminished by being in higher gearing. Proper use of using both rear-brake and engine braking for slowing and front/rear and engine braking for stopping is what is considered the best method
May 28, 2018
the correct way to drive a manual is to use a combination of engine braking and brakes, the guy who says using engine braking will wear out the clutch is totally wrong. I am from the UK and 98% of our cars and vans are manual.
May 28, 2018

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