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How to make the ink on my airbrushed t-shirts permanent?

Hello, I have recently purchased an airbrush gun and have been airbrushing on cotton t-shirtsHowever, the ink tends to fade or get a bit messyWhat advice do you have to make the paint more permanent? It is water basedI heard something about putting a surface inside the shirt with aluminum foil on the surface (inside the shirt) then putting wax paper outside the shirt (over the design) and ironing on thatI don't quite remember what it doesBut yes, any advice would be much appreciated, I am selling these shirts and want top qualityThank you!


Yes, The foil is just to hold the heat in and the wax paper is to keep the iron from sticking to the shirt, but as the first answer says in the dryer will work fineThe customer can do this and there for your not responsible for that part and it won't take time away from your workYou should also be using the correct paint for this, such as Aqua-Flow, or another heat set paintYou can also mention to wash gentle cycle only.

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