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ok sorry this is in all caps I just REALLY need an answer lol...ok so me and my girlfriends birthday is 5 days apart so hers in in three days(we both turned 17) and for her present I took singing lessons for 2 month so I could play and sing her favorite song on my guitar..the song is closer to the edge by 30 seconds to mars acoustic version now my question is where should I do it like at her house,my house,a park (all of which we will be alone):)And also should I tell her I'm about to play or just start out of no where...I love my girlfriend very very much:):):) so I want it to go perfect any tips on what u think I should do are acceptP.ss if u could also answer the other question on my profile that would be great


you must sing to her some thing that's certain in your courting like have been the lyrics sound like your courting thats private and wil imply plenty(: shell adore it, believe me(:
That is really sweet maybe like take her to a picnic in the park or near a lake as a date and then perform it. that way it will be a romantic setting with a beautiful scenery. Good Luck!!!!!
Can you record it onto a cd? If you can, this can be a multidimensionalexperience. Record you singing her ffavorite song, over and over - play it or sing it with guitar, without the guitar, you know, get creative, - get her ffavorite dining dish, flowers, or whatever is cool that you share together. Then as she opens a beautiful card, (which can be written by you--hint, hint) then she will think - Hey this guy thinks of me -on many different levels of our lives, this my friend is a trustworthy guy who is looking out for my best interest and it will help build your relationship more and more. Many guys today seem to think that trust is not a big thing, and I tell you this, if you love her, Ride the Tide of allowing her to know you are GENUINE about the importance of her feelings. I know their are few relationships out their today worth having, but if you have a special bond together, appreciate it for what that is and what it means to have someone you love being with. (It Shall Go A Long WAy) -Great Question, Good Luck and Happy BBirthday

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