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How to remove yellowing stains from wool rug.?

As you can see from the lower half of the picture its slightly yellow. There are afew yellows spots(3-4 1'x1') through out the rug. How would I go about cleaning/reversing the effects?THANKS!


That depends on what the stains are from. If they are from food, some oxygen type cleaners can lighten them, If they are from bleeding of the dyes in the rug colors (which can happen with some inexpensive wool oriental type carpets), there is not much you can do. If it is pet stains, a good professional cleaning company can often remove them. I have owned a lot of oriental carpets and I highly recommend finding a professional cleaner who specializes in cleaning them. It usually costs about $100 to have an 8 x 11 carpet cleaned, but they can make them look (and smell) like new. I don t think you should try to clean the rug with any water based cleaners or shampooing. Some one I know had a rug very much like yours and when they tried to damp shampoo it all of the red color bled into the white areas and ruined it.
Aug 23, 2017

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